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By John Reppion

This creepy number of precise lifestyles stories takes the reader on a travel throughout the streets, cemeteries, alehouses, attics and docks of Liverpool. Drawing on historic and modern assets and containing many stories that have by no means ahead of been released, it finds a chilling variety of supernatural phenomena, from the gray girl of Speke corridor to the ghost of John Lennon airport. Copiously illustrated with photos, maps and drawings, this booklet will pride a person with an curiosity within the supernatural background of the world. it's the first whole consultant to the mystical historical past of the sector.

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It was at the height of this panic, on the evening of 20 February 1838, that an eighteen-year-old girl by the name of Jane Alsop was startled by a furious knocking at the door of her family home in the district of Bow. Jane answered the door to an excited gentleman who claimed to be a police officer. He breathlessly informed the young lady that he believed he had successfully apprehended none other than Spring Heeled Jack himself and implored her to fetch a lamp. When Ms Alsop returned, however, the lamp’s light revealed the caller’s peculiar attire: ‘he was wearing a kind of helmet, and a tight fitting white costume like an oilskin.

Three days later, the Echo reported the case of a boy who had been arrested for breaking the window of the residence in question: The people of the neighbourhood had for some reason voted the house haunted. Several hundreds of the denizens yesterday swarmed about it and the prisoner determined upon the self-imposed task of interviewing the ghost. He climbed the back wall and entered the house, having to break a pane of glass to unfasten the window-catch. Great excitement prevailed among the juveniles in the crowd as to the fate of [Hugh] Morgan, but in the midst of it a constable arrived and arrested him for breaking the window, which proved a humiliating discounting of the youth’s heroism.

Inmates were temporarily relocated to other facilities until adequate repairs could be carried out, the security of the prison having been compromised by the bomb damage. In 1952 the rebuilding process was finally underway, but in the July of that year workmen made an odd discovery: amid the rubble an aged skeleton was found, and no one could give any explanation of who it might be or how they might have got there. 80km) from the Walton prison, just off Walton Park, is Walton railway station. Originally opened as Walton junction on 2 April 1849, the station’s name was changed following refurbishment in the 1980s.

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