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By Shlomo Aloni, Jim Laurier

The sunshine and agile A-4 Skyhawk used to be the 1st glossy American jet to be provided to the Israeli Air strength, marking the purpose the place the U.S. took over from France as Israel's leader army provider. Deliveries started too past due for the A-4 to struggle within the Six-Day struggle, however it quickly shaped the spine of the IAF's ground-attack strength. From 1969 to 1970 it flew never-ending sorties opposed to Egyptian forces within the struggle of Attrition. Then, in the course of the Yom Kippur struggle, 5 squadrons of A-4s observed strive against and 50 planes have been misplaced as they battled opposed to the Arab armored onslaught. utilizing formerly unpublished first-hand bills and infrequent images from the IAF information and pilots' inner most collections, Shlomo Aloni tells the definitive historical past of the IAF's A-4 squadrons, together with the tale of Ezra "BABAN" Dotan who turned an ace with an distinctive double-kill of MiG17s.

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