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By Michael Innes

George Gadberry, “resting actor,” packs his baggage and heads for obscurity while the Tax Inspector beckons. Then he gets a mysterious invitation and a proposition that may result in huge, immense riches. prosperous imbiber, Nicholas Comberford, desires George to impersonate him with a view to safe a spot within the will of fabulously prosperous Great-Aunt Prudence, who lives in a Cistercian monastery and won't permit a unmarried drop of liquor within the position. Gadberry's success turns out to have changed—but at what rate?

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The young woman, whom I recognized as Meredith’s niece Quinn, screamed—the sound matching the shriek that I believed had come from Sylvie. I breathed a sigh of relief that Matthew and Sylvie weren’t exchanging blows, though I shivered at the sight of the students. What were they thinking, being out in the cold in such skimpy outfits? Rain-wet red hair clung to Quinn’s pretty face as she dashed toward the tallest of the young men. “I’m going to kill you, Harker,” she yelled, raising her second balloon.

Perhaps a week away with him would spur me to abandon the other more mundane ones. I mouthed the word yes at Jordan, but he wasn’t looking my direction. He was assessing Freddy. ” Jordan asked with an obvious edge to his voice that made me smile. He was a teensy bit jealous. Hooray for me. “Used to be,” Freddy answered. “Used to—” I gaped at his empty ring finger. Meredith hadn’t told me anything was wrong between Freddy and his wife. “She left me for a nine-to-fiver with a big paycheck,” Freddy said.

That’s what’s great about art,” Freddy replied. ” As the students eyed the cheese selections, Quinn skirted around the counter. She drummed my forearm with her fingertips, and whispered, “Sorry you had to see us, you know, goofing around. ” “Not to worry,” I whispered. ” In college, a group of us had decided hitchhiking to the big football game was a safe venture. Along the way, everyone backed out except for me, who stupidly showed her mettle by getting into a car with four men. Luckily, they were all businessmen with young daughters, each of whom lectured me about the dangers of the road.

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