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In the next exercise we demonstrate that formatting does not alter the stored value. Later we will examine functionsthat round values to a specified number of decimal places. You should also be aware that when a cell is copied or moved, the target cell gets the same format as the source cell. 99 999 999 999 999 x and as small as 1 x 10-'07. 99 999 999 999 999 x 10+307 to -1 x 1O-307. The range while a typical hand of values in Microsoft Excel is thus calculator has a range of 1O*99. You should be aware that conversion from decimal to binary can result in round-off errors.

Exercise 4: Displayed and Stored Values The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate that formatting changes only the way in which a value is displayed. The stored value is unaltered. 6. XLS and click on the Sheet2 tab to begin a new worksheet. Begin by typing the text in A 1 :C3. Entering the text in B3:C3 presents a small problem. The equal sign alerts Excel to use a formula but this is not what we want. Before typing the equal sign, type a single quote (an apostrophe) to tell Excel that you want text.

22 A Guide to Microsoft Excel 2002 for Scientists and Engineers Exercise 3: Formatting the ResuIts Our project is almost complete. All that remains is to change the way the results are displayed. For this project it is inappropriateto display so many digits after the decimal; we need integer values. (a) Select range B4:B13 on the worksheet of the previous exercise. From the Format command on the menu select Cells. 5. The General format will be highlighted in the Category box. This is the default number format.

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