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29. a. Klisti:na 'o 'am 'oimed. T Christina is/was walking b. 'Am 'o 'oimed g Klisti:na. J around over there. 30. a. Husi 'o 'an ke:k. b. 'An 'o ke:k g Husi. Joe is /was standing over there.

Mali:ya'o 'an Klisti:na we:big ke:k. (next to, in back of the Mary is /was standing speaker) behind Christina. To summarize, 'am is used when the movement is away from the speaker or when the point of location is away from the speaker; 'ab is used when the movement is toward the speaker or when the point of location is facing the speaker; and 'an is used when the movement is parallel to the speaker or when the point of location is on a line parallel to the position of the speaker relative to a third object.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 'U'uwi 'o cickpan. Şoan 'o g cecia. Hegai ceoj 'o neok. Wisilo 'o 'ab him. Hihim 'o g wipsilo. 'Idam kakawyu 'o ko:ks. 'A'al 'o cicwi. Şoan 'o hegam 'a'al. THE "g" DETERMINER A N D YES/NO QUESTIONS 17 D. For native speakers only. The following sentences illustrate the use of the following vocabulary items from the vocabulary list for this chapter: 'ab, 'am, 'an, 'i:ya, 'amai, ganhu, si, and 'aş. These small words are frequently used in normal conversational style, and make the sentences more natural sounding than sentences without these particles.

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