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By Brynjar Lia

This ebook strains the evolution of the Palestinian police and defense forces, starting with its ancient antecedents in Lebanon and the occupied territories, and the formation of formal police agencies after the Oslo Accords until eventually the outbreak of the second one Intifada in September 2000. The heritage of the Palestinian Police revolves round the primary query of the way a countrywide police strength might be created and operated with no the framework of an self sufficient kingdom. except supplying a much more specific and exact account of the Palestinian Police heritage than past works, the learn additionally presents detailed perception into the issues and dilemmas of policing through non-state actors in warfare torn societies. The examine strains the institution and enlargement of the Palestinian police and defense forces with a spotlight on PLO efforts at recruiting, education and increasing the strength, its political context, institutional improvement, and dilemmas of 'non-state' policing within the context of the political-military clash with Israel. in response to a number of latest unpublished assets, spanning from Palestinian Authority records, inner Palestinian Police courses, a special entry to the files of the Norwegian international Ministry (which chaired an important police coordination committees), and a truly thorough assessment of hundreds of thousands of Arab, Israeli and foreign press, the current learn supplies a distinct perception right into a hitherto uncharted territory in modern Palestinian and heart jap background. This e-book can be of valuable curiosity to scholars, researchers and practitioners within the box of safety area reform and foreign police tips.

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26. 18 Sklansky (1999). See also Shearing (1987). [22] 391 01 Police w/out a state 7/14/06 11:12 AM Page 23 INTRODUCTION 19 Galeotti (1995), pp. 108–9. 20 For studies of tribal institutions in Palestine/Israel, see, for example, Ginat (1987); and Zilberman (1996). 21 Cited in Khalaf (1990). 22 Khalaf (1990); Bisharat (1989), pp. 39 ff; and Leach (1977), pp. 23–4. 23 Khalaf (1990), p. 241. 24 Ibid. 25 There is not much theoretical work on the phenomenon of vigilantism. Most studies are empirical and discuss vigilantism by state-sponsored or state-defending groups.

In response to the more hostile environment, the camps were fortified, the popular militias were strengthened and Palestinian refugee society generally became more militarized, with nearly every family armed. As a result, conflicts between members and their families had the potential to turn into bloody clashes. 25 In addition, individual guerrilla factions, customary mediation institutions and the popular committees established in the camps came to exercise varying degrees of policing powers over their personnel and constituencies in a multifaceted system of self-policing.

85 Marenin (1998a), p. 159. 86 See, for example, Hills (2000), p. ix. For an in-depth discussion of the primary sources used in this study, see Lia (2003), pp. 42–50. [26] 391 02 Police w/out a state 7/14/06 11:13 AM Page 27 PA RT I T HE PLO 391 02 Police w/out a state 7/14/06 11:13 AM Page 28 This page intentionally left blank 391 02 Police w/out a state 7/14/06 11:13 AM Page 29 2 Guarding the Revolution: Palestinian Self-Policing and Vigilantism before Oslo This [the popular trial] shows what the Fatah Hawks are capable of doing to those who commit crimes in Palestinian society.

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