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By Ruth Ryan Langan

Desperately amassing as a lot wealth as attainable which will commence the quest for her misplaced sisters, Addy reveals herself stuck up in her passions for an embittered invalid, a drunken loner, and a mysterious and obsessive stranger.

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Jake dealt the cards, but instead of picking them up he mused, "She can cook. That omelette was one of the best rye eaten. Even with green peppers and without the tomatoes. " Sam chuckled. " The old man's scowl deepened. " In no time Jake was lost in the game. Thanks to the allure of the cards, and the company of his one good friend, he could hold back the lonely hours of the night for a little while longer. Page 20 Chapter Three Addy stood in the darkness, watching the play of moonlight against the stark white sheets.

On the sidewalk, Addy breathed in the lingering scent of the woman's perfume. She had looked so elegant walking beside the man. So dignified. For long moments Addy continued staring at the gilt and marble facade, wondering what went on inside a gambling establishment. She thought of the scenes from movies, depicting beautiful women and sophisticated, worldly men, placing chips in front of a wheel of fortune. She figured she'd probably never get to see the inside of any of these places. Shifting the suitcase to her other hand, she continued walking.

One more word and the damned fool kid was going to bolt out the door without even taking time to run back for her luggage. " Addy spun away, eager to escape. A few minutes later she climbed the stairs, uncomfortably aware of two pairs of blackbird eyes watching her until she was out of sight. In the bedroom Addy shook out a clean sheet and proceeded to make up the bed. As she worked she fumed. Jake Starr had made his feelings perfectly clear. He didn't want her here. In fact, he'd made it plain he hated her on sight.

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