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By Thomas J. Anton (auth.)

Several years in the past, freshly back from a 12 months in Stockholm yet deeply en­ meshed within the American Malaise of the past due 1960's, I sketched out a picture of Swedish policy-making that outlined a generalized policy-making function and sought to narrate that function to either citizen attitudes and the elite political tradition 1 in Sweden. even though that caricature turns out to were taken heavily by means of different foreigners, i believe it truly is reasonable to assert that the primary response of my Swedish acquaintances and co-workers was once leisure. while I later (1970-71) lower back for an additional 12 months in Stockholm, i discovered myself being brought at events because the guy who had written ''that marvelously out-of-date comic strip of ways Swedish politics used to work-hah, hah. " Or, i'd be known as the yank who, like Marquis Childs a few years prior, "believed our propaganda. " via 1970-71, after all, the Swedish political atmosphere had turn into extra boisterous than it have been in 1967-68. certainly, through the process that 12 months my amused colleagues stumbled on themselves enmeshed in a strike motion opposed to the govt. that used to be a part of an emotional sequence of such activities that a few observers concept could deliver so much public prone to a halt. If my previous portrait have been stimulated (too a lot, they suggestion) by way of the yankee Malaise during which i used to be implicated, so needs to their later response to my portrait were encouraged (too a lot, i presumed) by way of the Swedish Turmoil of 1970 and 1971.

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ORGANIZATIONAL PROCESSING The class and educational filters that determine access to the Swedish elite maintain their Significance in part because they are able to accommodate other social changes. In the past, middle· and upper-class individuals interested in a government career went to the university, studied law, and moved into civil 28 ADMINISTERED POLITICS service positions that required use of their legal training. Expansion of the industrial and welfare state, however, created a demand for more varied educational training among new civil servants.

36 37 PATHWAYS TO SATISFACTION DIMENSIONS OF SATISFACTION Let us begin by clarifying the extraordinary levels of satisfaction that exist among higher-level civil servants in Sweden. Midway through each interview, respondents were asked a series of questions about the political system - what institutions are more or less influential, what role citizens do and should play, and so on. , passionate) acceptance. Near the close of each interview respondents were asked a similar question about the existing socioeconomic order and coders were instructed to code those responses, too, in terms of similar degrees of affirmation.

The sons of middle- and upper-class Swedes who come to occupy elite governmental positions begin the climb toward those positions by entering a university for training in law, social science or technology. They join nonuniversity organizations during those years, and often become leaders in those organizations. A great many become leaders in the principal student organizations, the klir, or student union. Later, these interests continue (except for the klir) but the future elite pursues them with less vigor as they climb, relatively slowly, up the ladder of governmental success.

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