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By Ian O. Angell, Brian J. Jones

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For example, task (3) above could be split into 18 (A) (B) (C) Advanced Graphics with the Acorn Electron Generate target Use keyboard to change direction of worm Move worm Task (C) could be further split into (a) Draw worm (b) Make worm die if it hits boundary or itself (c) Make worm grow if it eats money (d) Generate fanfare No specific order is implied in this breakdown ; for example , you may find that you want to regenerate the target from inside the fanfare section of the program. These headings are simply lists of tasks that reflect the problems that come to mind when attempting the solution of a larger problem.

I ,I \ , I I I ...... ••. ...... '" I r "', '-.. _-- ...... ". _--. -"... 7) STOP 500 510 520 530 540 550 560 570 580 590 600 610 REM s p i raL DEF PROCspiraL(XCENT,YCENT,RMAX,N%,BETA) PROCsetorigin(XCENT,YCENT) ADlF=Pl/50 : A=BETA RDlF=RMAX/(N%*100) FOR R=RDlF TO RMAX STEP ROlF PROCLineto(R*COS(A),R*SlN(A» A=A+ADIF NEXT R PROCLineto(RMAX*COS(BETA),RMAX*SIN(BETA» PROCsetorigin(-XCENT,-YCENT) ENDPROC 230 240 249 250 260 269 N points are placed on each of the four arms (of unit length) which divide the plane into the four quarters.

After 30 seconds the screen is cleared and a square is drawn. If you stare at the spirals for this short period and then look at the square , it will appear to expand! 7a. What happens if you set RMAX to - I ? 7b . Again note the optical illusion when the observer's head is moved in a circle in front of the diagram, keeping the horizontal (and hence also the vertical) direction parallel with the original. The spirals appear to rotate about the centre! 8 . Here we introduce the concept of an envelope.

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