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By Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan, Christos Volos

The publication experiences at the newest advances and purposes of nonlinear keep watch over platforms. It comprises 30 contributed chapters via topic specialists who're really good within the numerous subject matters addressed during this ebook. The distinctive chapters were introduced out within the wide components of nonlinear keep watch over structures corresponding to robotics, nonlinear circuits, energy platforms, memristors, underwater automobiles, chemical tactics, observer layout, output law, backstepping regulate, sliding mode keep watch over, time-delayed regulate, variables constitution keep an eye on, powerful adaptive keep watch over, fuzzy good judgment keep watch over, chaos, hyperchaos, jerk platforms, hyperjerk platforms, chaos keep an eye on, chaos synchronization, and so on. unique significance used to be given to chapters supplying functional suggestions, modeling and novel keep watch over equipment for the hot study difficulties in nonlinear regulate systems.

This e-book will function a reference e-book for graduate scholars and researchers with a uncomplicated wisdom of electric and keep an eye on structures engineering. The ensuing layout tactics at the nonlinear keep an eye on structures are emphasised utilizing MATLAB software.

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Backstepping control method [25–29, 58, 88, 93] is also used for the synchronization of chaotic systems, which is a recursive method for stabilizing the origin of a control system in strict-feedback form. Another popular method for the synchronization of chaotic systems is the sliding mode control method [57, 63, 65, 67, 75, 79, 80, 89, 90], which is a nonlinear control method that alters the dynamics of a nonlinear system by application of a discontinuous control signal that forces the system to “slide” along a cross-section of the system’s normal behavior.

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