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By Stefan Molyneux

Among the poles of robust atheism and strict theism lies agnosticism, the argument that gods are most unlikely, yet can't logically be governed out as totally most unlikely. Agnosticism is taken into account a wary, tentative and medical method of the query of the lifestyles of gods - Stefan Molyneux's seminal ebook "Against the Gods?" makes a strong case opposed to agnosticism and for the optimistic recognition of the nonexistence of supernatural beings. "Against the Gods?" offers crucial ammunition to these battling the virus of religion, and clears the psychological fog of the irrational center floor among atheism and theism. Forword by means of Dr. Peter Boghossian

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I can't imagine thinking that a player was really good if he completed a game in “God mode” – in fact, I can't imagine why he would bother. In the same vein, if Mike Tyson in his prime were to jump into a boxing ring with a five-year-old girl, and beat her senseless, it would be hard to admire his athletic prowess. Can we admire the virtue of a being who has no need for virtue? That would be like admiring someone for not smoking, though he had never been exposed to cigarettes, or praising the sensible fish-based diet followed by a man marooned on a desert island.

As Richard Dawkins has pointed out, every religious person is virtually a complete atheist, in that he rejects the existence of every other God but the one he worships. com To understand this more clearly, imagine a mathematics tutor named Bob who refused to teach any strict methodology for solving problems. If you were to hire Bob, and your child were to correctly answer the problem of 3x3, Bob would have to reply that it was impossible to say that three times three make nine, because in an alternate universe they might make the opposite of nine.

In other words, the hope that some theists and agnostics have that proofs for gods will be found in the future does not validate any existing claims about the natures and properties of deities. All prior and existing claims of knowledge about gods are false, regardless of what shows up in the future, in this or any other dimension. com DEITIES BEFORE TIME? Some theists – and even agnostics – use the same “Dimension X” argument examined above, but place the alternate universe in a time before our own, rather than parallel to it in some manner.

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