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By Alon Tal

In this insightful and provocative publication, Alon Tal presents an in depth account of Israeli forests, tracing their historical past from the Bible to the current, and descriptions the hassle to rework drylands and degraded soils into wealthy parks, rangelands, and ecosystems. Tal’s description of Israel’s trials and blunders, and his exploration of either the environmental background and the present coverage dilemmas surrounding that country's forests, will offer worthwhile classes within the future years for different components of the area trying to reestablish timberlands.

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In a recent academic review of the environmental record of the Ottoman era, Hebrew University geographers Ruth Kark and Noam Levin summarize the steady deforestation that took place across the Ottoman empire: Human population increase and the development of agricultural and built-up areas, usually resulted in the loss of forest cover. Vast forest areas once covered the Middle East, the majority of which disappeared as a result of damage by man and animals. ) A similar situation prevailed in Palestine until the beginning of the modern era.

Unfortunately, male date trees do not bear fruit. So Solowey had to coax additional ancient pits back to life, in the hope of finding a female, to discover how dates tasted in the time of the Romans. Characterizing Historic Forest Distribution Even assuming that the ancient genetic authenticity of Israel’s present tree assemblage could be confirmed with confidence, delineating past distributions and the extent of local forests long gone is a practically impossible task. To begin with, an operational definition for ‘’’forests’’ is hardly self-evident.

It was not just steep, rocky, and eroded lands that resisted British forestry efforts. The local Arab population also did not welcome the trees. This hostile reception translated into chronic disregard for grazing restraints, intermittent vandalism, arson, and even violence against forestry officials. Moreover, the perplexing land registration dynamics, the political ambivalence that soon reigned among senior decision makers in London and Jerusalem, World War II, along with inadequate program funding and professional personnel, constituted a recipe for failure.

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