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By N. Rubin

The Oslo means of September 1993 to January 2001 eventually led to an everlasting holiday in American Judaism's conventional wall-to-wall help for any Israeli govt. Drawing on broad new resources, Rubin analyzes what this intended for the yank and Israeli Jewish communities―critical constituencies in earlier and destiny negotiations.

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Israel policies, however, were soon to be part of the mix. By the early 1990s nearly every major synagogue group had established a presence in Washington, DC, to lobby on behalf of their organization’s positions. This both increased the number of Jewish professionals lobbying in the nation’s capital on Jewish issues and increased the likelihood of different positions emanating from groups saying they spoke from a religious perspective on behalf of American Jews. The Reform movement was the most experienced when it came to the ways of Washington, having established its Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism in 1959.

20 As a result, congregants of such rabbis were able to gain more informed opinions. In addition, many such attitudes were further shaped by rabbi-led congregational trips to Israel, often ones that featured the Reform movement’s activities and struggles in Israel. In 1978, reflective of all this, the Association of Reform US Jewry on the Eve of Oslo ● 25 Zionists of America was formed. In many regards, any distancing from the fate of the Jewish state was effectively over in the broad scope of mainstream American Jewry.

This “must see” film, in turn, spawned an industry of other high-budget, star-packed Holocaust-related theater and television films in the coming years such as Jakob the Liar and The Holocaust: In Memory of Millions (hosted by venerated television news anchor Walter Cronkite). 92 That left pro-Israel advocacy as the last great shared goal of American Jewry. The emotional debates over the Oslo Accords, however, would see battles simmering below the surface of American Jewish life—particularly among various religious camps—become a dominant factor in American Jewish life.

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