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The people and the king had not taken Jeremiah's advice. They revolted against Babylon, and lost. Jerusalem was ruined, and a substantial part of the community's elite was exiled to Babylon. Viewed in the larger perspective, the period of exile was no more than a low spot in a generally depressed piCture. E. , Jewish authorities were only minor players on the world scene. They made payments to greater powers and received approval from them for the appointment of Jewish rulers or major policies.

What foreign governments or domestic groups had influence? F. What were the major turning points in the history of the people? , the answers to these questions are not likely to resemble those for modern countries. Ideas about peoplehood, nations, governments, and public policy were not well established. In much of the ancient world, such questions would make no sense at all. People lived simply, 28 Ancient and Modern Israel according to the practices of their family, village, or town. It was a rare government that had an organized army, col- lected taxes, built roads, or maintained order on a regular basis.

In response, Ahab's fogeign wife Jezebel conspired to have Naboth falsely convicted of blasphemy. This led to his execution and the loss of his property. Because of this perversion of justice, the prophet Elijah predicted that both Ahab and Jezebel would be food for dogs. 48 A contemporary economist has examined the ancient sources and reaches conclusions that stand apart from conventional views. Morris Silver finds little evi- 42 Ancient and Modem Israel dence that the united kingdom of David and Solomon was as grand as it is portrayed.

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