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By Gabrielle V. Novacek

On January 29, 2005, the Oriental Institute celebrated the respectable public establishing of the Haas and Schwartz Megiddo Gallery. This social gathering marked the go back of a few of the main notable artifacts ever excavated within the southern Levant to everlasting public show. The Oriental Institute's prolific background of exploration within the sector is testomony to a long-standing scholarly ardour for discovery and the pursuit of data. This quantity attracts from the momentum generated via the hole of the Megiddo Gallery and current a range of highlights from the Institute's better Israel assortment.

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As such, the date palm appears throughout Near Eastern iconography as a popular symbol of fertility. 34 ancient israel 17. 35 the late bronze age 18. Mitannian Cylinder Seals and modern impre ssions a. 0 cm OIM A20928 b. 7 cm OIM A21119 interacting with one another during the Late Bronze Age was the kingdom of Mitanni, located in northern Mesopotamia in the Khabur River valley. In Assyrian textual sources, the Mitanni kingdom appears as Khanigalbat. Although the kingdom is identified with the Hurrian population groups who occupied the region at the time, Mitannian king names are of Indo-Aryan origin.

43 the late bronze age 23. 23. 6 cm OIM A14117 found in virtually every stratum at Megiddo, from the Neolithic to the Iron Age (compare no. 46, p. 91). Female figurines are the most prominent and are typically believed to represent traditional fertility goddesses. These goddesses are generally depicted as being voluptuous and with large breasts. This figurine from a Late Bronze Age tomb is rendered in a characteristic and enduring stance, holding her breasts in her hands. Scholars believe that women kept these figurines for help in conception and childbirth.

This small jug from Megiddo belongs to a group of imported pottery from Cyprus known as Base Ring I Ware. Base Ring I Ware is characterized by the use of hard-fired clay and a red-slipped surface that was intended to mimic the appearance of copper. The name for the ware is derived from the bases of the vessels which resemble rings. DURING THE LATE BRONZE Although a variety of Base Ring I Ware forms have been found, the most common type to appear in the southern Levant is the bilbil jug, illustrated by this example from Megiddo.

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