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By Jan Dusek

The topic of the e-book stands at the intersection of epigraphy and old study: the Aramaic and Hebrew inscriptions came upon within the area of the Yahwistic sanctuary on Mt. Gerizim and their ancient heritage. The research addresses the facts from 3 views: the paleography and relationship of the inscriptions; the id of the group who carved them and its associations; and, ultimately, the bigger old and political context during which the inscriptions have been produced. This e-book is very invaluable for historians of Palestine within the moment Temple interval, for biblical students, and for these facing Aramaic and Hebrew paleography and epigraphy.

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Gerizim shares many features with all three inscriptions from the Persian period. Most of the letters are very similar: alef, bet, dalet, zayin, het, . kaf, nun, resh, shin and some forms of lamed and mem. The monumental Aramaic script from Mt. Gerizim seems closest to the inscription from Keseçek-Köyü (especially letters bet and pe; the letter qof from Mt. Gerizim is similar to qof in the inscription from Sardis). However, some usual forms of letters from Mt. Gerizim point out to the later phase than the th century bce.

F) (m)). The same forms appear in the Maresha ostracon ( bce). The difference in inscriptions no.  and  is not so evident. – The most common form of mem in initial, middle and final position is high and narrow, with a baseline that is sometimes diagonal and sometimes even almost horizontal. This type of mem is attested in the Kerak inscription. This baseline developed from the hook in the lower part of the right downstroke attested in WDSP . In the Halas. a inscription the lower end of the right downstroke is not horizontal—as in some ˘forms of mem in the Mt.

We can even ask whether they knew what they were writing. It is possible that they simply copied the texts from a catalogue without knowing the difference between monumental and cursive styles. scripts of the inscriptions from mt. gerizim  The fact that some inscriptions distinguish between the initial/middle and final forms and others do not is interesting. The group of cursive inscriptions from Mt. Gerizim without differentiation between these two forms is larger than the group which contains the difference.

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