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By Stan Goldberg and Bob Smith

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Operations evaluation studies) At head of title: World Bank Operations Evaluation Department, OED. Includes bibliographical references.  Operations Evaluation Dept.  World Bank operations evaluation study. 91'096761dc21 00-024903 Printed on recycled paper. Page iii Table of Contents Preface vii Acknowledgments xi Abbreviations and Acronyms xiii 1. Summary and Lessons Learned 1 Main Strengths and Comparative Advantages: Stabilizing and Rebuilding the Economy 3 Partnerships with Other Donors, International Organizations, and NGOs 5 Rebuilding Human, Social, and Cultural Capital 7 The Bank's Institutional Arrangements 9 Implications for Monitoring and Evaluation 10 Summary of Main Findings of Individual Post-Conflict Case Studies 11 2.

However, no effort, with or without donor support, has yet shown any real promise for reversing perhaps the most serious socioeconomic legacy of the conflict: violent crime, or "microinsecurity," of epidemic proportions. Reengagement before the End of the Conflict By establishing effective working relationships with the government a couple of years before the Peace Accords, the Bank was able to provide timely macroeconomic assistance and coordination support to El Salvador's reconstruction program.

The Obote II government was formed, and conflicts soon started in Luwero and neighboring districtsthe focus of opposition groupsand to some extent in West Nile by Amin soldiers. Lives and property were lost on a greater scale than in the 1970s, and reconstruction efforts came to naught. The Obote II Administration, 198085 Leaders in the Obote II administration were drawn from a range of military and civilian backgrounds and political leanings, which made it difficult to resolve conflicts. Many political leaders lacked the capacity, experience, and skill to meet the challenges of reconstructing an economy mismanaged for so many years, let alone a civil society that had undergone years of intimidation and the breakdown of ethics.

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