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By Egil Asprem

This interesting paintings explores John Dee’s Enochian magic and the historical past of its reception. Dee (1527–1608/9), an entire normal thinker and member of Queen Elizabeth I’s court docket, used to be additionally an esoteric researcher whose diaries aspect years of conversations with angels completed via crystal-gazer Edward Kelley. His Enochian magic deals a mode for contacting angels and demons in keeping with secrets and techniques present in the apocryphal e-book of Enoch.

Examining this magical method from its Renaissance origins to give day occultism, Egil Asprem exhibits how the reception of Dee’s magic is replete with struggles to build and negotiate authoritative interpretational frameworks for doing magic. Arguing with Angels deals a unique, nuanced method of questions on how ritual magic has survived the appearance of modernity and demonstrates the ways that smooth tradition has recreated magical discourse.

Egil Asprem is a examine Fellow on the middle for historical past of airtight Philosophy and similar Currents on the collage of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Most notably, the Angelic language is a key component of the system of the Aires, as shown above. 60 Nevertheless, the mentioned classes do stand out with a significant degree of exclusive features; the cryptic apocalyptic statements surrounding the Liber Logaeth; the Heptarchic system with its encyclopaedic, grimoire-style list of spirits, sigils, and the hours and days of calling them forth; the (probably) geopolitical and apocalyptic system of the Aires; and the almost universally applicable system for evocation of angels and cacodaemons of the Great Table, providing rather mundane services such as the finding of precious metals, healing sickness, and transportation from one country to another.

Also, while 307 contains only the Enochian material, 3821 is a larger collection which also includes a list of invocations of traditional astrological angels and intelligences, a “select treatise” on astrological magic in the Agrippan sense, some “celestiall confirmations of terrestriall observations,” and even copies of letters written by Nostradamus. Since 307 seems to be the most complete version, whether it was the original from which 3821 was copied, or a more elaborate and exact copy of a common source, I will focus primarily on this manuscript when describing the contents.

8. 59 No small set of feats, to be sure. The Tabula angelorum bonorum is Dee’s systematic ordering of the material relating to this Great Table. 2. The “Great Table” as shown in Dee’s Tabula bonorum angelorum, Sloane MS 3191. There are some minor details which I have not reproduced here (some letters that have been scratched out and replaced, and a few inverted letters). The table shows the four Watchtowers, with the uniting “Black Cross” in the middle. Take note that the Black Cross does not appear in Golden Dawn sources (which instead arrange its divine letters in a “Tablet of Union”), neither in the Sloane MS 307 version of the Great Table (see chapters two and three; cf.

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