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By Michael Tsarion

Within the culture of William Bramley, Laurence Gardener and Erich von Daniken, Michael Tsarion considers the results to civilization of extraterrestrial involvement and seeks to explain the various quandaries that different "visitation" specialists have ignored. His publication clarifies the disinformation approximately Atlantis and the misplaced continents of prehistory. It concentrates at the orchestrated chaos of recent occasions and divulges how the political and army machinations of the current have their roots within the historical prior.

The publication introduces an concept relevant to all of Michael's paintings - the results to attention and society of ancestral trauma, and the way this underlying trauma turns into the skill for slave-think and mass control.

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Who shall deliver us out of the land of these almighty Gods? These are the Gods that smote the Egyptians with all manner of plagues in the wilderness. (Samuel 4:8) That the ancients had weapons of power has been a fact long sequestered by the elites. Authors who have sought to expose the facts have been persecuted, ridiculed, and had their works suppressed. I cannot overstress how vital and important is always the problem of weapons. …I believe that there have been civilizations in the past that were familiar with atomic energy and that by misusing it they were totally destroyed.

From them also comes the pernicious concept of a fallen god who tempts the unwary and leads one into everlasting perdition. They also instilled the fallacy that women are lower in ontological status than men and that they are to be distrusted and kept in subordinate positions. Polygamy, another practice pervasive in certain ancient societies, was again based on the need for these biologically “superior” entities to reproduce their kind as fast as was possible. Keeping women in submissive positions and having them uneducated mitigated against 20 Atlantis, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation Old World Disorder them ever wondering why they were being used as incubators.

And most mysterious of all, we have the following from the mouth of one of the acclaimed co-founders of the Theory of Evolution, Alfred Wallace himself: … some intelligent power has guided or determined the development of Man And in the fascinating book Mankind – Child of the Stars, Max H. Flint and Otto O. molybdenum, a very rare metal plays an important role as a trace element in the physiology of all Earth creatures. It is surprising, therefore, that life so dependant on a rare metal should arise on a molybdenum-poor world like ours… These acclaimed scientists, point out that there are many other specialists with serious doubts about the relation of Evolution Theory to the origin and ascent of Man.

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