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By Arnold J. Rudolph Arnold J. Rudol Arnold J. Rudolph MD

Colour atlas of neonatology. quantity of a 5 quantity set masking an entire diversity of dermatologic, cardiac, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, neurologic, and musculoskeletal issues, genetics, and syndromes.

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105. In the tibia reduction-polydactyly syndrome, the fibula may be shortened but is otherwise normal and the patella may be absent. Associated malformations are common and strikingly heterogeneous. Note the skin dimple at the knee joint and the skin dimple over the leg, and the bilateral pes equinovarus associated with the absence of the tibiae. The plantar surface of the foot is turned medially. Skin dimples at a joint are seen normally in infants but dimples over a long bone are always associated with pathology.

It is much reduced in Marfan syndrome and increased in short-limbed dwarfism and hypothyroidism. Note that the fingers are long, tubular, and relatively slender. 81. The typical appearance of the fingers in trisomy 18. Note the index finger overlapping the third finger and the fifth finger overlapping the fourth finger. Also note the hypoplastic nails. 82. Bilateral trigger fingers in a neonate. Trigger digits may involve the thumbs or the fingers. The fingers may present with clicking, flexion contractures of the proximal interphalangeal joint, or both.

Duplication of the big toe. Radiograph showed two separate digits. This may result from an early insult to the limb bud in the 5th to 6th week of gestation. 133. Congenital curly toes (“overlapping” toes). These are very common and are often familial. The abnormality becomes less obvious as the infant grows. 134. Hypertrophy of the third toe of the right foot. This may occur as an isolated finding or may be seen in neurofibromatosis or in infants with vascular malformation of a digit. 135. Dorsal view of macrosyndactyly of the second and third toes of the right foot.

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